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The Battle With Dry Skin

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"Hey, Jimmy! How can I stop my skin from getting dry?"

Well, I'm glad you asked! This is a popular question but a lot of people don't like the answer.  The top reasons most people get dry skin is because of lifestyle. There's a lot of our bearded brethren out there smoking a stogie while sipping on a beer or a whiskey. Sorry, gents. Dehydration can really dry your skin out. That's not the only reason. Let's get a little deeper into what keeps skin moisturized naturally. Stay with me, it's about to get a little like science class.

The first thing we'll talk about is lipids. Why lipids? Because it's what actually moisturizes your skin. Its kind of like a solid clear coat on your car. Once the clear coat breaks down, the paint is gonna start to flake and peel and chip. Just like your dry itchy face which is why we wax our cars (you better be waxing your cars). 

So what if you don't smoke or drink a lot and you do hydrate well? If this is the case, look at your environment. Do you spend a lot of time outside? Are you in construction? What things do you do that could cause irritation to your skin? Be honest with yourself. Maybe you do all the right things and you're like me and you just have a skin deficiency so you need to supplement your skin moisturizer. So what can you do?

 Here are a few tips. 

 1. Nutrition: Omega 3 is vital for the body for many reasons but it is true that a deficiency can cause dry skin. Eat plenty of eggs, free range salmon & walnuts. Also limit omega 6 rich foods like wheat, corn, and margarine. Omega 6 cancels out the benefits of Omega 3. Omega 3 is also great for mental health because it's essential to healthy brain function. Symptoms of low omega 3 can be inflammation, poor vision, and even depression. 

 2. Hydration: Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It's a great practice to drink 2 cups of water before you got to bed and immediately after you wake up. Also, even though you hear a bunch about the negative impact of sodium, it's important to have a healthy intake of sodium for proper hydration. The recommended intake is 1,500 milligrams, the amount in about 2/3 teaspoon of salt. 

 3. Skin Care: While we always recommend exercising for a healthy life, it can be hard on the skin. After exercising be sure to wipe off sweat and then keep showers short and effective. If you still have an issue with dry skin you want to make sure to use soaps with no fragrances or soaps that are hypoallergenic. Keep hot showers short and to the point. Keep the door closed so the moisture stays in the bathroom. When you finish your shower, immediately apply a skin moisturizer like Balms and Oils. 

 If you try all this and it doesn't help then you may want to check with your doctor.  A blog is no substitute for medical training. 


Stay Bearded.

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