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Discover the classic straight razor shave tradition, a timeless addition to your everyday shaving prerequisites. Whether you want to shave your beard, moustache, facial hair or nape of the neck, our dark and aggressive straight razor is what you need for a sleek and stylish appearance.

Buy Straight Razors Of Superior Quality

Manufactured using superior quality material, our straight razor comprises stainless steel to provide weight and stability. Due to its unbeatable quality, the razor feels as solid as your masculinity. The replaceable blade razor increases its durability, allowing it to last for a more definite period without any rust.

Versatile Equipment

Razors are the highlight of men’s shaving equipment. And there’s no razor as versatile as our straight razor in Australia. From regular wet shaving to fine contouring to styling beards or occasional shaving of more than a single beard, this masterpiece aces in all of them.

Fine Details

At, you will find all of our straight razors in an ultra-modern, stylish stainless design and numerous types. Whether you’re looking for a gently rounded tip and toe of the blade, the face, edge and heel continue over the tang and finish over the tail. The pivot and spine lock is also made of stainless steel with more hand-painted detail in the pins, accompanied by the lock that helps keep your replaceable blades in place.

Comfortable And Easy To Use

The thumb rest is the best part of our straight razors, which are moulded specially to ensure your comfort remains intact during the process. On the other hand, the gentle curve just behind the thumb rest further prevents accidental slips amid the use. Moreover, the handle, blade and spine lock have been engraved with supplementary details, upholding that sense of the ultra-modern throughout. Round or Spanish point, full or half hollow ground, or more… the choices here are unlimited!

Maintain the touch of class and mark your distinction from others. Buy our straight razor and get a clean shave without any cuts. Order yours today!