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In the deep woods of mountainous northern Idaho resides the new headquarters of A group of men that have designed a line of products to rival anyone else in the growing industry of beard care. We will work day and night, to not only create these top of the line products, but bring you impeccable visual content as well.  This website will forever be your first destination for funny videos, high quality images of our crew, and all of your favorite beard care products. We aren’t here to give you anything less than exactly what you need to maintain a healthy, good looking beard.

There is no question that beards are in. With the high cost of disposable razors and the growing consensus that beards make men manlier, there has been an explosion of available beard care products. You can be assured that carries the finest beard care products. We’re not here to sell you something we wouldn’t use ourselves.

This is a line of products that we are proud of. We promise to offer you top of the line customer service, fast shipping, and a high standard of quality. Using low quality beard products is not worth your suffering, money, or most importantly, time. A beard is the quickest way to distinguish the boys from the men. Why not be proud of our beards, treat them with care, and watch bystanders admire as we ride motorcycles, drink whiskey, stack firewood, and be the proud, confident men we were always meant to be.

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