6 Beard Grooming Mistakes That Men Make And How To Avoid Them

6 Beard Grooming Mistakes That Men Make And How To Avoid Them

You wash your face, bathe, and shave your facial hair. You maintain your looks by trimming your hair on the head and face, and that’s it.

Most of the guys you and we know around us follow this typical grooming routine and stick to it without going the extra mile for the contemporary feel of a fashion-forward man.

Like most men, if your grooming routine is also based on this rigid methodology with a few trial and error hacks, then there are many things you might still be skipping, not doing correctly, or even doing that you should strictly not!

In fact, most guys make beard grooming mistakes without even realizing it, which makes it impossible for them to make the best out of their extensive self-care routine.

If you’re a man, don’t skip this blog, and if not, read it for your men in the house, as it highlights the six most common grooming mistakes by men with their alternate corrective ways on “how to groom a beard.”

1.    Giving Up In The First Week

You were eager to grow your beard to flatter in your favorite style. However, as soon it began growing, you got irritated with the patches and itchiness that came with its growth.

Relax, because it’s okay! The beard is growing, and it needs some time.

Although the patches might make you feel uneasy for a specific time period, as long as you demonstrate patience, you will notice progress. Try not to lose hope, and you’ll have a good and healthy beard that you can style in any way once it’s grown completely.

2.    Believing In The Beard Misinformation

We all know how important it is for a man to flex a good beard. But what about those who struggle with having any of it? Not so long ago, when men with less hair came into the limelight, they used their fragile masculinity to perpetuate myths about beards, which even continue to this day.

From disseminating false info about germs and bacteria in beards to calling it a food trap, many myths doubted bearded individuals, provoking many of them to cut it off.

While it doesn’t seem completely nonsense, regular maintenance of your beard can prevent you from extra germs and even any croissant crumb from sticking in it. So, you don’t have to really believe in whatever is being uttered and keep your beard game strong.

3.    Letting It Grow Wild

Obviously, to style your beard according to your preference, you must let it grow first. But, allowing it to grow unorderly as a key to growth, where is it written?

Avoiding maintaining a beard for an extended period is a huge mistake most guys make. The real tactic for faster and healthier beard hair growth is to nurture them and the skin inside along the way.

Consider your first trim after six to eight weeks at max. Shape it and sculpt it to avoid a fuzzy appearance. Leaving it untamed would only have your hair poking out from different angles.

So, snip those extra strands and make them grow in a decent way. Don’t forget to wash, oil, and brush during the journey.

4.    Neglecting The Sideburns

If you have a long beard, you’re most likely ignorant of this critical aspect. Not paying enough attention to where your sideburns end and your beard starts can mess up your overall style and change how you want to look.

Thus, a good infusion of head and beard hair is needed to make all the difference to your final appearance and complete your personality.

5.    Using The Wrong Tools

Amongst many, one of the significant grooming mistakes men unintentionally commit is not emphasizing enough the tools they use for their beard grooming.

Using meager quality brushes to not getting the right tool for the right task leads to disorderly beard hairs, which becomes hard to manage.

Besides, it is also essential to choose from a hair brush or a hair comb. Mostly, hair brushes are made of synthetic bristles or plastic prongs, which can yank out beard hairs in case they are tangled in them.

6.    Lack Of Hygiene Practices

Another grooming mistake is not following proper hygiene practices. Just because you look fine and don’t stink doesn’t mean you would compromise your hygiene routine. For instance, not washing your face or beard regularly can make your beard hair dirtier, strangled, and become more prone to breaking with chances of split ends. 

Ideally, you should wash your beard thrice weekly with a good-quality beard wash. Rub the entire beard toward the roots and avoid using regular shampoo on the beard.

Post-wash, use a beard moisturizer to give your skin the royal treatment it deserves.


The Wrap Up

In short, opting for a beard grooming schedule is important; however, following it mindlessly is not what a beard grooming regimen works. If you’re also following a grooming routine based on tried and tested techniques, chances are you’re committing many grooming mistakes that you should be mindful of.

From not giving it enough time to grow to letting it grow disorderly, neglecting the sideburns, using inappropriate tools, and poor hygiene practices are mistakes, to begin with.

It’s vital that you are fully educated about beard grooming before you start working on it. Employing our alternate solutions will help you better analyze and manage your beard grooming schedule and help you grow a healthier beard.

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