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High-Quality Safety Razors

Get rid of those bumps, nicks, and shaving itchiness or irritation with’s up-to-the-minute safety razor in Australia. Featuring a single blade, our finest-quality safety razors epitomise premium shaves like no other.

Effortless Shave

Made of first-class stainless steel, our safety razor shaves your hair at skin level. Meanwhile, the avant-garde technology prevents tugs, bumps, and nicks by meticulously removing hair from the skin’s surface. Coming with complimentary blades, these safety razors avert the cheap feel and save you from spending on disposable razors unnecessarily. The cherry on top? Our sleek safety razors are easy to clean.

Some Quick Tips

  • Always hold your safety razor at a 30° angle.
  • Be gentle and let the razor’s weight do the work. Be mindful of applying any pressure. Keep your glides short, and always remember to shave in the direction your hair is growing.
  • Always use a new blade every time you shave. Using previous or dull blades can irritate, tug, and even cause bumps on your skin.
  • Know that if you have rough hair or a thick beard, you may have to change multiple blades during a single shave.

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