The Best Beard Styles And How To Choose One That Suits Your Face

The Best Beard Styles And How To Choose One That Suits Your Face

Have you ever heard of a man saying, "I don't like my beard; I better cut it off" Because a beard is literally the symbol of a man's masculinity? While it doesn't mean those who can't grow a big beard are at a loss, those who can might be. Reason? When you have a good beard, it equally necessitates you to style it in order to look civil.

However, styling a beard isn't as easy as it sounds. You're not just running your trimmer across it, after all! Instead, it depends on multiple factors, including your face type. Different face shapes call for different beard styles.

So if you're in quest of "which beard style suits me," this blog is for you. In this inclusive guide, you will learn the basic beard styling types according to different face cuts so that you may know which style would look best on you as per your face.

Importance of Appropriate Beard Style

Remember, not every beard style looks great on every guy. While the primary purpose of styling a beard is to look good, it shouldn't hide your prominent features. In fact, styling your beard and moustache adds contrast to your face and elevates your personality more than before.

The best way to be certain that your beard makes your face look even more attractive is to choose one that goes well with features such as your cheekbone, jawline, and forehead.

Find Your Beard Style Conducting A Beard Shape Test

The best way to know which beard style would uplift your overall personality is by conducting a beard shape test on your face. Universally, there are seven different face shapes, each differentiated from one another by their general length, featured angles, and bone structure.

While many people have more than one element on their faces, it's vital to identify one core feature that would go well with their future styling endeavours.

Doing a beard face shape test is simple; you only need to take a measuring tape and stand in front of the mirror. Note down those measurements somewhere once you're done.

Don't forget to pay close attention to the sharpness of your jaw and chin; the length of these shapes will significantly affect how thick you want to grow a future beard.

 Identifying Some Best Beard Styles According To The Face

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of small beard styles or love to carry long beards to look best in style; we've got the ideas for everyone. Just be mindful of picking up the one that matches your face type.

Below are some beard styling suggestions for individuals with different face structures.

Beards for Men With Round Faces

If you have a round face, leaving a large, rumpled beard is not ideal.

Thus, if you have a round face, then you can flatter your look by infusing a goatee style that adds length and definition to your beard. In addition, the full stiletto beard with a pointed tip as well as the van dyke beard can also elevate your round-face look.

Beards for Men With Oval Faces

Have you got an oval face? Congratulations on being so lucky! Not everyone is fortunate enough to get both square and round shape features, as are those with oval faces. Pretty much every beard style goes well with these gentlemen due to their versatile facial characteristics.

Consider trying a beard that is squared at the jaw, short on the sides, accompanied by clean lines on the cheeks, and cut underneath.

Beards for Men With Square Faces

Oh, we forgot that those with clean, square-shaped jaws are on the list of lucky ones as well! Square jaw is the envy of all, so it's okay if you want to flatter it with a clean shave.

However, in case you're wondering which one of all the beard styles would be best for a square-shaped face, try scruffy beard, stubble beard, and stiletto beard as good options.

Beards for Men With Rectangular/Oblong Faces

For rectangular or oblong face fellas, you already have a long face structure, so you might not want to lengthen it any further, right? Avoid long beard styles if this is the case.

What you can do is try beards and goatees that go upward, similar to van dyke and Balbo beards.

Beards for Men With Heart-shaped Faces

Cute! The heart-shaped face has already taken so much attention that it doesn't need more. Such a face only needs a little uplift that could add weight to the jaw. This is why short and full beards are, hence, good options for these people. Besides, adding a good layer of scruffy beard can further elevate your overall appearance.

Beards for Men Triangular Faces

The opposite problem. Here, you'll want to add as little weight to your jaw as possible, so closely-cropped styles are a good bet. Try maintaining some designer stubble with an (optional) moustache for added character.

Those with a pointed chin and sharp jawline, i.e., triangular face, are prolonged, so you don't want to make it bigger anymore. A short beard, thus, in such a scenario, fits perfectly to their jagged face type.

The Wrap Up

To summarise, beards play an important role in elevating your overall appearance. However, it is essential to determine which beard style suits you best by conducting a face type test. From rectangular to square, oval, round, and more, there are different face types. Thus, it is ideal to identify and then choose the best beard style accordingly.

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