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Baxter Of California

Baxter Of California Cartridge Razor Five Blade

Baxter Of California Cartridge Razor Five Blade

🌎 Based in Melbourne Australia

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Experience the true grooming excellence with California Cartridge Razor Five Blade.

Designed with the everyday shaver in mind, this multi-blade razor ensures a close, irritation-free shave with every use. The innovative features of this razor are crafted to prevent common shaving problems, making it a go-to choice for your grooming routine. 

The blades of the razor hinge and move seamlessly with the contours of your face, reducing the risk of cuts and irritation. A protective gel strip provides a cushion for added comfort during shaving, while the skin-guarded blades stretch and prep the skin for a remarkably close and smooth shave. The razor comes with starter blades that can be easily replaced with market-leading cartridges for continued grooming excellence.


  • Brand: Baxter of California
  • Razor Type: Cartridge Razor
  • Blades: Five-Blade Cartridges
  • Handle Material: Lightweight High-Grade Resin

Instructions To Use

  1. Cleanse and ready the shaving area.
  2. Apply a thin layer of your chosen shaving formula to the designated area.
  3. Utilize the razor slowly, employing short strokes and moving in the direction of hair growth to prevent razor bumps and burn.

4. Rinse the blade frequently under warm water for an effective and comfortable shaving experience.

How To Use?


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