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Dovo Straight Razor Barbarossa 5/8'' Olive Wood

Dovo Straight Razor Barbarossa 5/8'' Olive Wood

🌎 Based in Melbourne Australia

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DOVO Straight Razor Barbarossa 5/8 inch Olive Wood:

Unleash precision and style with DOVO Straight Razor Barbarossa 5/8" Olive Wood. This is what you need for your facial hair toolkit.

Ideal for Barbers and Bearded Gentlemen

The DOVO Barbarossa Straight Razor 5/8" Olive Wood is more than a razor; it's a carefully designed tool tailored to the needs of barbers and all bearded men. Its standout feature? A short blade that offers unparalleled manoeuvrability and precise control, allowing users to shape and contour their beards with remarkable accuracy.

Distinctive Design with a Royal Flair

What sets this straight razor apart is not just its functionality but also its aesthetic appeal. The fine engraving of the famous bearded Emperor Barbarossa adds a touch of royal flair, making this razor truly unique.

Putting It To The Work

All you have to do is start your shaving with stropping on a leather strop. Grab the blade after generously coating your face with shaving lather or shaving oil so that the open handle points away from you.

With your free hand, gently hold your skin to form as straight a surface as possible. You set the blade at about 30° angle and smoothly pull it over your face. First, start going with the hair, and then finish by going against the growth direction.

Experience the Art of Grooming

The DOVO Barbarossa Straight Razor isn't just a razor; it's a tool that elevates your grooming routine to an art form. Experience precision, style, and a touch of history with each shave. Grab yours today at

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